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  Museum & Experimental Building of China Youth College for Political Sciences  
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  This proposal, originated from ancient tables, bamboo scripts and brush holders, combines the artistic color and quality to design a landmark building pattern using modern and simplified techniques.
The planning layout focuses on integrity and consistency
The planning layout focuses on integration of existing buildings
Proceeding from the present site conditions and functional characteristics, a “L”-shaped layout plan is designed on a comparative basis. The museum& experimental building properly sets off other major buildings nearby the plaza---office building and administration building, and alleviates the architectural pressure from the southern students’ apartment building, thus forming two landscape plazas.
The planning layout focuses on interaction of buildings and environment
The museum, an activity& landscape center of entire campus, shall fully reflects its public appeal and cultural features. Its west-to-east L-shaped layout contributes multi-layered funny spaces to the internal campus environment as far as possible. South-to-north layout of experimental building at eastern block faces the third ring road, enriches and embodies the momentum and modern fashion of municipal buildings. A group of big trees in north-western corner enable the readers in the museum to enjoy the scenery.
Ⅴ. Facade and graphic design
Big-sized steps and columns are arranged facing the central plaza, the popular appeal of the building is improved while the space is defined. The highlight of main entrance represents its respect of knowledge palace.
The facade materials are mainly composed of light gray stones, warm-toned ceramic plates and transparent glasses. Focusing on the history of CCYL, the printed glasses constitute a pattern comprising events, characters and words.
Ⅵ. Functional layout and space design
Respect and create the environment
The central campus plaza, a major entrance of the building, is provided with big steps to show the magnificent image. The central plaza and nearby buildings provide a visional and spatial buffering. The big steps with tree pond and small trees provide the students a site for rest and leisure while improving the affinity. The green belt at western side is redesigned to form a well-sized plaza based on existing trees in the block.
Ⅸ. Economic and technical index
Building area: 28100 sq.m²
Museum: 11950 sq.m²
Experimental building: 12696 sq.m²
Area of base: 3289
Volumetric rate: 8.54
Percentage of coverage: 54.4%
Greening ratio: 35%
Berth of underground parking lot: 143
Building height: 44.7m
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