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Major designers: Yu Jie, Meng Ke, Zhang Xiaolei
Description of architectural design
Graphic design—scientific and stringent
The limited land is provided with several layouts depending upon the modulus of classrooms.
Five same or similar unit bodies are determined through logical analysis, and linked together by two overhead ring connectors and an open gallery bridge. Every unit made of different materials is penetrated into, mirrored and contrasted by each other.
Five large-scale lecture rooms are arranged around the submerged plaza, where the green courtyard and convenient traffic create the 5th and 6th facades for the building.
Spatial design--humanitarian spirit and space
The human beings create the environment, and in turn the environment shapes the human beings
The interleaved blocks, submerged plaza and roof gardens of lecture rooms combine or constitute several green courtyards, generating strong sense of territory and sense of belongings, in tune with the landscape concept in the overall campus planning.
The small-sized atrium, whether partially enlarged, or connected by bridges, cast shadow on the wall surface under the sunshine. 
Ecological design—energy-saving, environmental-friendly and sustainable development
Sunlight, air and water——our indispensable resources.
The compact, open courtyards and small-sized atriums utilize properly natural sunlight and fresh air up to every corner.

Economic and technological index
Overground building area: 39500sq.m²
Underground building area: 6300sq.m²
Total building area: 45800 sq.m²
Berth of overground parking lot: 30
Berth of underground parking lot: 63
Berth for bicycles: 200
Building height: 24m

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