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  Suzhou Railway Station reconstruction project  
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  a.Project name: Suzhou Railway Station reconstruction project
(Conceptual phase)
Chief architect: Cui Kai
Project manager: Wang Qun
Designers: Zhang Chun, Tu Xin, Li Liang, Luo Yang
(Preliminary design)
Chief designer: Cui Kai
Vice chief designer: Wang Qun, Li Weina
Engineering designer: Di Ming, He Xiaoyu
Drafted by: Tu Xin
c.Project site
Located at previous Suzhou Railway Station, Jiangsu Province, neighboring ancient moat landscape belt to the south, and connecting Pingjiang New City Commercial& Financial Zone to the north.
d.Time of design: 4~12, 2006. (conceptual and preliminary design)
e.Time of completion: not yet completed.
f.Nature of project: traffic architecture
Building scale: total building area: 40000sq.m².
Building height: 32m.
i.Project characteristics
Suzhou—an elegant city known as “Eastern Venice”, a world-famous cultural city, a place called paradise. In this city with interleaved river channels, the streets and building are erected along the river: “the people in this water city live nearby the river, and also like reading in this land of milk and honey”, “small bridges---running water---citizens----gardens”, a thousand of years passed by peacefully, and a city with rich Suzhou culture environment was shaped and finally turned to one of most developed cities in China.
The continuously prismatic roof structure is fully integrated, and the wall is adapted to the dark grey roof contour. In a modern architecture space, the building pattern is interleaved, and the essence of ancient city is maintained.
On the South Plaza opposite to the ancient moat, two columns with huge lanterns support the big-span modern shelving structure with chestnut beams, pink wall and dark tiles. The lives of fishermen are told under the heaven while the inclined lantern columns are reflected onto the pink wall.
Viewing the Gusu water town, the new urban area surrounds the ancient city, and the river, streets, folk houses and Suzhou Railway Station are arranged in an orderly manner.
Various parts of the railway station are linked by the small pink wall, whether concealed or exposed, in dark or light color, this magnificent modern station is fully fused in  the ancient environment.
The long-span railway station provides the passengers with enough sunlight and fresh air. The railway shelving system lays a basis for solar energy utilization. With use of more clean energy resources, this new traffic hub will become an environmental-friendly center.
At northern side of the station, a new bridge is erected, marking the upsurge of modern architecture, and showing a promising blueprint to the passengers!
“the running water reflects the zigzag history of this ancient city, which will rejuvenate after Nirvana”.
The new Suzhou Railway Station depicts the beautiful future of Suzhou City with implicit but bright architecture language!
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