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  Dongying Conference& Exhibition Center  
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  Designers: Cui Kai, Xu Lie, An Peng, Li Dadan, Li Lei, Yang Jinpeng
Nature of project: conference& exhibition building
Project site: Dongying, Shandong Province
Time of design: 2005
Time of construction: under progress
Building scale: 36990 sq.m²
Building height: exhibition: 28.00m; conference center: 22.450m
Number of floors: 1 floor overground, 2 floors (partially) for exhibition; 3 floors for conference center
Volumetric rate: 0.29
Project characteristics
Dongying Conference& Exhibition Center is an integral part of Dongying Cultural& Ecological Park. The single-unit design package shall follow the overall planning concept in response to principle of “big space, big water surface and big greening area”. According to the functional requirements of conference& exhibition building and special image demands, membrane structure is selected as the major architectural language to provide a magnificent, elegant and implicit building image.
This center is mainly composed of an exhibition hall, a conference center and a power center. The exhibition hall has a complete space, two floors, with the auxiliary rooms arranged at both sides of the hall. Moreover, the exhibition hall could be separated flexibly to adjust its exhibition space where necessary; the conference center, located at south-west of the exhibition hall, is composed of meeting rooms, a top-quality product exhibition hall, offices and a kitchen, etc. The power center, located at north-west of the exhibition hall, comprises a refrigerator room, water pump house and power distribution room, etc.
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