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  Garden by Forest, Beijing  
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Awards of the Project:
12th Beijing Best Project Design (Residential quarters planning and residential buildings) (Second Prize)
Excellent Prospective Design in Ministry of Construction, 2005 (Third Prize)
11th Beijing Best Project Design Award (Architecture Award) (First Prize)

Project site: Haidian district, Beijing
Area of land: 100,000 sq.m.
Building area: 180,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2000
Time of completion: 2004
Garden by Forest creates a new image by changing the form of city house which used to be close to a kind of simple compound apartment。Separate doors are set up for the upper and down apartments, by which an atmosphere of single occupancy is stressed; staircases are tried to maintain open and close to the ground, by which the connection between the upper floor and the ground is stressed; the shape design, by the apartment, stresses the different function of each floor, instead of just stressing the commonness like the unit apartment, by which the five storey building creates a sense of affinity and a sense of belonging. In the design, the apartments are scattered here and there to increase the privacy, with one apartment’s garden facing the side wall of another apartment, and in the end the interference brought by the traditional Townhouse is avoided, and a sense of enclosure is created; raised yard makes the passerby on the road uneasy to see the activities in the yard, so the privacy is increased, and the graceful and disorderly shape breaks down the dull rows and lines, and in the end a rich variety of landscape is formed.


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