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  Tianjin Peninsula Azure Bay  
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Awards of the Project:
Excellent Prospective Design in Ministry of Construction, 2005 (Second Prize)
12th Beijing Best Project Design (Residential quarters planning and residential buildings) (First Prize)
2005 2nd Weihai Residential Architecture Design Competition (Bronze Prize)

Project site: Hexi district, Tianjin
Area of land: 167,000 sq.m.
Building area: 106,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2001
Time of completion: 2003
Tianjin Peninsula Azure Bay is the starting section of South Meijiang Residential Area with the low density town house as its focus. The layout sufficiently embodies the “close to water” idea, which not only expresses the understanding on the original landform, but also embodies the natural needs of human being. The design follows the traditional residential mode of “road-yard-house”, and a “fishbone type “space pattern is formed. Based on the central water system, four sections are formed. Motor vehicle traffic organization, arranged around the land for use, forms the outer ring, sideways, combined with the sight, forms the inner ring, by which the interruption between human and traffic is avoided. Pink wall and grey tile are the symbol of the traditional architecture in South China, the traditional materials such as brick, and timber echo with the characteristics of the modern house in Tianjin, and in the end, through the combination of these two cultures, a “Water Town in South of the Yangtze River” is created in the vast land of the northern part of China. The landscape design for town house focuses on “the front part of the house and the back part of it”, namely, the cross part between building’s elevation and landscape’s plan. The building and landscape both adopt the brick and timber, by which an intimate and natural atmosphere is expressed. The landscape elements in public space also adopt the same method as that of the building. 


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