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  Chengdu Oriental Pearl Garden  
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Awards of the Project:
11th Beijing Best Project Design Award (Architecture Award) (Second Prize)
Best Investigation and Design of the Ministry of Construction in 2003 (Houses and Residential Area) (Second Prize)
11th National Best Project Design (Silver Prize)

Project site: Chenghua district, Chendu
Area of land: 37,000 sq.m.
Building area: 82,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 1999
Time of completion: 2002
This project is planned to be arranged along the road section, the community club is arranged at the east side, commercial podiums and apartments with elevators at the corner, the multi-storey, high-rise slab-type apartments at the west side, and the relatively high grade four-storey town house is placed at the center where there is the best vision and privacy. The inner community traffic mainly involves walking on foot, the entrance of the underground garage is set up at the main entrance of the district so as to decrease the disturbance brought by vehicles. The core of landscape design is the landscape axes running through the district, starting from the waterscape green square in the east, extending entad into a long narrow wedge-shaped green belt. The town house is decorating the winding slope with a large area of forest; the end of the green axes is the half enclosed sight space with various elements as its vision climax. The building’ external wall mainly adopts warm white color, blended with brick red and a few blue grey component for decoration, and the balcony, bay window and trellis are used to form an elevation full of varieties.


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