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  Energy-conservation diagnosis and renovation of the Office Building of Beijing Public Security Traffic Bureau  
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The Office Building of Beijing Public Security Traffic Bureau

The Project is L-shaped and was completed in 1992, with gross floor area of 16,811.10㎡ and building height at about 48.90m.

Heat engineering of the enclosing structure was renovated;
Integrated digital meters are used for each LV distribution circuit, which serves to record the energy-consumption indicators of each circuit;
Power source of electric water heater on each floor is shut off at fixed time after work;
Heating system was renovated;
Body-split A/C system was renovated;
Diagnosis and renovation of ventilation system;
Hygienic utensils were renovated for saving water. Water can be saved by up to 6.8%, or 1,725 tons/a;
Diagnosis and renovation of lighting system, power left unchanged, and luminance increased by 33%;
Diagnosis and renovation of power supply and distribution system; in case of reactive compensation, tuned filter with series 14.8% reactor is used to absorb 15%-30% of low subharmonic current;
AC speed-regulation elevators, which consume large quantity of energy, are replaced.

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