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  Beijing Tengda Building  
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Awards of the Project:
11th Beijing Best Project Design Award (Architectural Design) (Second Prize)

Beijing Tengda Building

Location of the Project: in main section of Zhongguancun Street, Beijing, opposite to the Capital Gymnasium
Time of design: August 1994 ~ June 1995 
Date of completion: 1999

Major Designers: Zhang Weiyong, Chen Fusheng, Li Kailun, Liu Xiaodong, etc.
Awards of the Project: The Research Institute 95’ Construction Drawings (First Prize); Structural Great Wall Cup Award, 2003’ 11th Beijing Best Design Award (Second Prize)

Functions of the building: office, shopping, social contact, delicious food, recreation
Total area of land used: 0.911 hectare
Gross floor area: 90,000㎡ 
Number of floors: 29 floors on the ground, 4 floors below the ground, the wing composed of 6 floors
Building height: 99.9m
Designed seismic-resistance intensity: Richter scale 8
Ground foundation: natural foundation base, flat-plate raft foundation

Structural type selection and design points: due to the requirements of architecture and functions of use, no permanent joint is placed underground, rather, such measures as multiple post-poured strips, proper temperature steel bar and upper iron, suitable additive and control of strip-sealing time are used, which solve super-long and anti-crack problem. Main building mainly uses in-place frame-core structure, the seismic-resistance grade of which is Grade I. The wing is of frame structure, the ground portion of which is separated by seismic-resistance joint.

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