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  Beijing Olympic Garden  
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Awards of the Project:
12th Beijing Best Project Design (Residential quarters planning and residential buildings) (Best Work)
Excellent Prospective Design in Ministry of Construction, 2005 (Second Prize)
10 Best Design Award of the 10th Architectural Design Exhibition of Beijing (Residential quarters) (Best Work)
2003 National Habitat Architectural Design (Comprehensive Award)

Project site: Chaoyang district, Beijing
Area of land: 153,000 sq.m.
Building area: 143,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2001
Time of completion: 2002

As the Healthy Pilot Housing Project, the corresponding design is undertaken in respect of human settlement, natural and healthy environment for the Beijing Olympic Garden. In the design, the proper type of flat is pursued, the rooms are designed reasonably, the functional spaces such as storeroom, door socket and balcony are improved, different platforms for rest are tried to be introduced to the house, and an atmosphere of single occupancy is achieved. A friendly building image is created through adoption of different forms of housing unit entrance, the balcony with a view hanging from the side of the façade, and the gradual change of the external wall color. Besides, the environmental quality of the residence is improved in many respects such as sound, light, heating, ventilation, and friendly environment. A lot of health facilities are designed in this planning design, including the outdoor field, sport club, and the establishment of Physical Competency Test Center, community clinic, and a sound service system for the senior people.

On January, 2004, it was awarded as the “National Healthy House Demonstration Project” and it was the first one in our country to obtain this honor.
Technological key points of healthy house: 1. health condition of human settlement environment   2. the compatibility of natural environment   3. the protection of residential environment   4. guarantee of healthy environment.


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