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  Conceptual layout and design of the residential complex in the north of Almaty City, Republic of Kazakhstan  
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In Almaty, with snow-capped mountains surrounded, and lots of trees for shade, the people here create a bold, enthusiastic personality. Snow-capped mountains symbolize boldness and strength. Trees reflect the enthusiasm of the people living here. From the perspective of urban design, the idea of "embody the local characteristics, respect the local culture" is deemed as a spirit of place within the scope of the whole city, and is refined into two images-"Snow Mountain" and "Forest" which are two different measurement and feeling, and in the language of planning, these two images are translated into clear strong urban public space and quiet living space.

High-rise apartments are concentrated along the arc shops, water partition drains are faced the supporting commercial construction in the west side, and between them there is a huge public greenbelt. Great spatial scale and the smooth form constitute the dialogue relations with the crossroad in southwest side .The bottom of the arc shaped construction opens some accesses in the form of overhead, making a full communication between internal and external spaces. The 3 to 6-storey enclosing type centralized apartments are arranged on the east side (inside) of arc shaped construction belt, through the combination of the different numbers of the blocks, an orderly scattered external space is formed. On the east side of the land, in combination with reserved construction,  9 to 12-storey mixed commercial and residential blocks are formed to meet the functions of cities, and to integrate city texture.

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