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  Master Plan for Conservation of the Sites of Hongshan Culture in Niuheliang  
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“Master Plan for Conservation of the Sites of Hongshan Culture in Niuheliang”(2000-2002)

The historical and cultural sites in Niuheliang are a key site group of Hongshan Culture in the drainage area of Dalinghe River. Hongshan Culture, which lasted from about 7,000 years ago to about 4,000-5,000 years ago, is a major type of local culture in the drainage area of Liaohe River. Hongshan Culture belongs to the Northern division in the six major Neolithic Age archeological divisions in China. It is the most influential culture of the Neolithic Age with the largest size. In 1988, it was put into the third group of “historical and cultural heritage sites placed under special state protection” proclaimed by the State Council.

This project is our early work on making plans for the protection of cultural sites. Referring to the ways of planning for beauty spots and following the international concepts of cultural heritage protection, we made an exploration on the ways of planning for the protection of major cultural sites in China. Technology of diverse disciplines such as archeology, landscape study, historical geography and environmental archeology was adopted in the process of planning. The project put special emphasis on the analysis and discussion of the relation between the distribution of cultural relics and the site-choosing. From the perspective of archeology and landscape study, we not only designed measures to protect the cultural relics themselves but also discussed strategies to protect the overall space and view of the sites. This is an attempt of us to protect the space of major historical and cultural sites.

This project was awarded second prize in designing in China Architecture Design & Research Group in 2002 and was one of the “Ten Best Designs of Cultural Sites Reconnaissance Protection Plan in China” in 2004.

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