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  Plan of New Jiangjunguan Village, Pinggu District, Beijing  
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Awards of the Project:
11th Capital Project Design Exhibition Scheme Award (Dwelling and Residential Area) (Best Work)
Beijing 12th Best Project Design Award (Village and Town Construction) (First Prize)
2005’ Best Survey and Design Award of the Ministry of Construction (Excellent Village and Town Plan) (Second Prize)
2006’National Human Settlement Classical Building Plan Competition Award (Comprehensive Award)
  Scale of the Project: 10.2 hectares of land
Time of design: 2003
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[Continued]General Plan Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Traffic Analysis Chart Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Planning Structure chart Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Landscaping chart Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Land use layout Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Tourism Development Layout Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Bird's eye view Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Effect View 1 Time:2008/1/28

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[Continued]Effect View 3 Time:2008/1/28