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Hangzhou Xindaya Building
  Time:2008/3/28  Read for 2743 times
Beijing Shenzhou Building
  Time:2008/3/28  Read for 2803 times
The Broadcasting and Television Center in Fujian
  Time:2008/3/28  Read for 2767 times
Shenzhen Kingkey Finance Center
  Time:2008/3/28  Read for 2514 times
Xiamen Biology Park of Beidazhilu
  Time:2008/3/28  Read for 2278 times
Science and Research Building of Beijing Sport University
  Time:2008/3/28  Read for 2272 times
Beijing Telegraph Building
  Time:2008/3/28  Read for 2171 times
News Building of Shuozhou, Shanxi
     This project is located in the new administrative district. ……
  Time:2008/3/26  Read for 2426 times
Beijing Financial Street B7 Building
     Preliminary design: SOM International Architecture Design Co ……
  Time:2008/3/26  Read for 2917 times
New Office Building of Beigjing People's Procuratorate
     Project site: north-western corner of Jianguomen overpass T ……
  Time:2008/2/4  Read for 3135 times